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Bringing Your Engineered Solar Equipment Solutions to Light!

Our Solar Process Strength (Click Links Below) Your Solar Proces Area Vacuum Deposition Process Glass Preparation Test Sort Cells Assembly/
Busing Taping Lamination Module Framing Junction Box Attach Finalize Module Test Unload/ Packaging
Web Handling Cell                  
Product Transfer Cell          
Product Accumulation Cell                
Lead Forming Cell              
Cell Stack and Cassette Loading Cell                  
Diode Placement Cell/
Process Inspection Cell/
Custom Washers
& Dryers
Laser Marking Cell/
Screen, Pad, InkJet Printing Cell/
Laser Integration (Weld, Mark & Etch) Cell/
Conveyor/Material Handling Cell/
Substrate Baking
& Curing
Wire Feed & Stringing Module                
Precision Laser and Micro Soldering Module                
Custom Glass Teatment Module                  
Laminate & Seal Module                  
Sun Simulation Testing Module                  
Vision Inspection Module            
Flexible Robotic Systems Module              
Electronic Test Module                  
Packaging Module                  
Controls Development and Integration All
Integration Services of Multiple Manufacs Equip All
Equipment Replication All

Solutions to Meet Your PV Manufacturing Needs

At Calvary, we understand the need to drive down your dollar per watt. That is why customers have been coming to us to solve complex Thin Film equipment issues that reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining the level of equipment quality they expect in a 24/7/365 manufacturing environment. Our experience in many other industries has made us an excellent choice for companies who require assistance with many of the more complex applications that cannot be solved with off the shelf equipment.

Our engineering and equipment strength dovetail well into the solar industry which has the need for precision and high speed placement, experience with robotics, vision inspection, precision welding and brazing, high speed sorting and indexing, material handling, and a strong controls integrated capability.

All of these areas are core competencies at Calvary Automation.

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Web, Roll & Substrate Handling 


  • Calvary has been solving complex web handling problems almost since its inception.
  • This custom web handling machine features 5 cantilevered media unwind stands, complete with servo edge guides and sag sensor tension controls, along with paper interleaf rewinds.
  • There is also a 54" wide material handling conveyor. Engineering capabilities range from 0 to 400 lbs of tension. 
  • This machine features a 54" shear capable of sheeting material in 10" to 48" lengths.  

  • We have experience with various substrates including stainless steel. Several customer specific processes have been integrated into our designs.










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Product Accumulation 

  • In this electronic part placement example, a buffer station is used to synchronize the production of one assembly dial (left) to another assembly dial performing other processes (right).
  • When the dial on the right is in process, has faulted or is stopped, the buffer area between the machines will begin to accumulate.
  • Once the right hand dial returns to production, the two dials and robot return to a synchronous state.
  • Calvary has other examples of product accumulation for both large and small components and subassemblies.

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Lead Forming 

  • Custom multi-stage lead forming of an electronic part which features two bends and a cut to length operation with vision inspection.
  • The forming tool was designed in house.
  • Custom clamping design isolates and reduces sensor stresses during processing. 
  • This project lead to a significant process improvement with a capability of 10M parts with no rejects.




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Process Vision Inspection & Guidance 


  • This application highlights the ability to check for solder integrity and potential voids in the solder joint. 
  • On the right, we show a high speed part inspection featuring a Cognex, five camera system networked with EtherNet and an Integral PC with Touchsrceen monitor with split screen viewing.

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Custom Washers 


  • Calvary has developed numerous washing systems for many different applications.
  • Representative systems have featured multiple high pressure aqueous wash and rinse, followed by heated high pressure air for fast drying dry cycles.

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Custom Glass Treatment 


  • Calvary has designed complete glass cleaning and coating systems to be used in PV Module Production.

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Laser Marking & Welding 

  • Calvary makes an excellent Laser Integration partner having experience with many manufacturers including: Keyence, Unitech Myachi, Laser Photonics, CAB Lasers, Rofin-Sinar, and Trumpf. Our experience includes laser marking, etching and welding.

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Screen, Pad & Ink Jet Printing 


  • Calvary has experience with many of the traditional print technologies including Pad and Screen printing, in addition to Ink Jet which makes us a perfect partner for new production development and production technologies.

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Custom Designed Wafer Cassette Loading System 



  • This custom design request was driven from the need to speed up the wafer cassette loading process while maintaining wafer product integrity without breakage.

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Wire Feed & Stringing 



  • Calvary has many successful examples of high speed, robotic soldering in many different configurations. This experience is very similar to the bussing and tapping applications in PV Module Manufacturing.

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Precision Laser & Micro Soldering 


  • Calvary has multiple examples of precision laser soldering with closed loop temperature control and built in solder tip cleaning.

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Laminate & Seal 



  • Calvary has experience in lamination and sealing many different products. 
  • Most applications feature process and temperature controls and pressure sealing.

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Sun Simulation Testing 


  • Calvary's integration capabilities are well suited for the software and mechanical integration required for solar simulation testing. 
  • Robotic PV Module positioning on and off the simulation cell can also be supplied, along with data collection and management.

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Full Service Equipment Provider 

Calvary's goal is to provide a full spectrum of equipment services to our customers beyond custom equipment design and build. Calvary Automation Manufacturing (CAM), a newly formed division of Calvary Automation Systems, is driving our expansion of services into Equipment Replication, Contract Manufacturing, and Global Procurement of components. In addition, Calvary Capital has been established to assist with and provide lease and financing options for capital equipment purchases. Calvary is no longer only an integrator but a Complete Business Solution equipment provider. 


Equipment Replication Services
For specific In-house Production Projects

  • Prototyping Services
  • Build-to-print replication of machine designs done by Calvary or by you
  • "Copy Exactly" followed manufacturing discipline
  • Documentation packages supplied
  • Document Rev control via Product Data Management software
  • Manufacturing location flexibility
  • Improved cost and leadtime vs internal design groups

Contract Manufacturing of Your Equipment in Production

  • ISO 9000:2008 Certified for Calvary Automated Manufacturing, a division of Calvary Automation Systems 
  • Design engineering support available
  • We utilize standard manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing process documents (MPD's)
  • MRP driven material
  • Trained assembly operators
  • Manufacturing location flexibility

Global Procurement

  • Established supplier partnerships in Asia for fabricated components complement Calvary's CAmmodity program and our robust US supplier base
  • Enables supply chain global optimization based upon price , complexity and point of consumption
  • Supplier Quality System Assessment

Calvary Capital

  • Flexible financing and lease options to help customers improve balance sheets and absorb capital cost pressures associated with market cyclicality
  • Limited or no upfront capital expenditure
  • Move costs from fixed to variable

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