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Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation

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Calvary Automation is committed in providing state-of-art customer service, which our Service Department has the experience and the resources to evaluate the operation of each assembly installed and provide innovative solutions on how to keep each assembly running at peak efficiency. To accomplish such, technical documentation is provided with each assembly, along with service support.

The following documentation will be provided based on the specifications of each assembly:

Mechanical Project Book:

  • “A” or “B” size paper copies of custom mechanical assembly and custom tooling drawings. Pre-engineered component drawings will be provided as layout drawings only.
  • “B” size paper copy of “Bill of Materials” with recommended “Spare Tooling” identified directly on this sheet.
  • CD(s) including CAD files, Excel “Bill of Materials”

Electrical Project Book :

  • “B” size paper copies of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic drawings
  • “B” size paper copies of Bill of Material with recommended “Spare parts” identified directly on this sheet.
  • Component literature and/or manuals supplied with purchase parts
  • CD(s) including CAD files, Excel “Bill of Materials”, code files, comment files, HMI files.

Operation and Maintenance Manual:

  • Basic Functional description, Screen Layout, Sequence of Operation, Fault messages and recovery, preventive maintenance.

Warranty Information (project related only):

Calvary Automation warrants the equipment free from defects in workmanship under normal use and service for a period of twelve (12) months after approval on your floor, or (15) months after shipment, whichever comes first.

The warranty for all purchased components is provided as the standard warranty that is offered by the component, product, or equipment manufacturer.

Calvary Automation Systems, Inc warrants that it will cover all labor, travel expense, and materials for service calls because of faulty workmanship or because of not meeting performance specifications that were mutually agreed to in writing.

Note: Refer to the After Sales Service page for Warranty Service Related Guidelines.

Additional Documentation:

  • Safety guidelines concerning general, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, robot, chemical, noise, and laser.
  • Programming documentation, such as, set-up values for software driven devices, flow charts and schematic drawings.
  • Spare parts and replacement information
  • After Sales Service Information

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Service Manager:
Chuck Melia


855 Publishers Parkway
Webster, NY 14580

Phone: (585) 347-6127, Ext. 150

Fax: (585) 347-6125

Emergency Phone 24/7: (585) 723-6569


Calvary Automation prides itself in providing state-of-art customer service and we would appreciate hearing from you.  Download and submit our survey by faxing or mailing to the attention of Chuck Melia.

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