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Sensors and Semiconductors – Modularity

Calvary’s modular approach to Sensor Assembly allows us to develop custom solutions to your sensor assembly needs using previously designed and proven sub assemblies, reducing overall cost and lead times.  This modular approach also allows the reuse of a part or all of the assembly system.    

Calvary’s modular approach allows our customers to quickly react to the ever changing challenges presented in today’s global economy.  Our modular solutions allow our customers to get to the market faster with less capital investment.  The modular approach also allows for the system to be easily reconfigured for future models

Every Calvary Base Module contains the support structure, integral guarding, and distribution of utilities for each of the individual Assembly Modules.  The Assembly Modules can be easily reconfigured and moved within the Base Module to reflect changes in the process or to reconfigure the line for a new product all together.  In the event of major part changes or reconfiguring the line, new Assembly Modules can be remotely assembled and installed into the existing Base Module, minimizing additional investment cost.

The Modular approach benefits our customers by having pre-engineered, proven solutions to their demanding sensor requirements.  The benefits include overall reduced delivery times, reduced initial investment, and reusable assembly modules for future applications.



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