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Engineering – Mechanical

Calvary’s engineering and management team understand that our customers face demanding “JIT” schedules in today’s competitive environment. To meet our customer compressed schedules and demand for quality we have amassed an array of people, tools and processes to improve the time to market of new systems.

The collection of talented engineers at Calvary is one of our greatest assets with a Mechanical staff of 20 plus, most of whom are degreed engineers and five of whom held Chief Engineering positions prior to joining Calvary. The average experience level in the automation industry is over fifteen years.

We utilize 3D modeling software, primarily SolidWorks, for our design, analysis, and documentation. SolidWorks is a world leader in Mechanical Design Software and makes a huge improvement in speeding up the design process and generating useful visual assets that allows the customer to see and comprehend the finished product before the first chip is machined. We also have the capacity to perform FEA Stress, Strain, Displacement, Thermal, Vibration and Frequency analysis in the early design phases of a project to improve the functionality and robustness of a design and reduce debug time or reworks.

We have processes and standards in place to produce the best machines in the shortest deliveries possible. Our comprehensive library of standard designs and equipment allows us to use proven mechanism and not “reinvent the wheel” with every new project. More of our efforts can be concentrated on the high risk portion of a project. We incorporate modularity for greater flexibility for product or process changes. This allows us to keep our cost lower and deliveries shorter without sacrificing quality by using reliable designs that have a proven track record and need limited debug time on the floor. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service during and after product delivery.



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