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Test Systems and Vision Analysis

Calvary is a proud supplier of test systems from simple manual benchtop testers to fully automatic end-of-line functional testers. We specialize in both PLC and PC based (LabView, Measurement Studio, Visual Basic) testing of Electrical Circuits, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Devices, and Electro-Mechanical Devices under ambient conditions or within an Environmental Chamber.

PC based testing typically makes use of hardware based data acquisition from National Instruments and Measurement Computing.

Our testing experience includes the use of independent transducers (Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature, Displacement, Force, Torque); off-the-shelf instrumentation (Source Meters, Digital Multimeters, Milliohmmeters, LCR Meters, HiPot Testers, Programmable Power Supplies, Oscilloscope Cards, Signal Generators); and custom interface hardware specifically designed to control the Device Under Test. All test devices are capable of being verified and calibrated.

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Vision Inspect & Sort
Calvary employs vision systems for sorting, verification and inspection of customer products for process control and good/reject identification. For example:
  • model type separation
  • separating rejected parts from good
  • dimensional sorting
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Vision Measurement

Vision systems are used to measure critical dimensions and features.  Measurements are taken to verify the process and product parameters.

Vision systems are designed into various system chassis configurations such as

  • dials
  • power and free
  • lean cells
  • high speed continuous motion

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Vision Solder Inspection
Calvary frequently integrates vision systems for control of many processes, as shown in this solder inspection. 

Solder area verification, solder quality check and crack inspection are performed.

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Vision Guided Robot Motion
When product tolerances are not sufficiently repeatable for typical automation practices, vision systems and force monitors are used to guide robots during pick and place operations, or in this case, guide a rivet gun into a customer product.

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Hydraulic Performance Test
Calvary designs and builds custom test systems tailored to the customer product. 

A hydraulic system can be used to drive the product, which is tested and hydraulic performance verified.

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Electrical Test
Calvary routinely provides electrical test systems stand-alone or integrated into the assembly process. Common tests include:
  • Hipot Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Resistance Test
  • Amp Test
  • Voltage Test
  • Electrical Functionality

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Leak Test

Calvary is a supplier for various styles of custom leak test equipment, such as:
  • Pressure decay
  • Vacuum decay
  • Burst
  • Flow (both high and low pressures)
  • Helium Mass Spec. (H.M.S)
Leak test stations can be stand-alone or integrated into the assembly process.

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Helium Mass Spec. (H.M.S)Leak Test  

Calvary provides Helium Mass Spec. (H.M.S) leak test systems using both chambers and sniffers, depending on the product, leak rates and cycle time requirements.   

These tests can often times be combined with other gross leak tests.

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Environmental Test

Calvary designs and builds environment tests for product durability and performance in both hot and cold environments. 

These tests can be temperature cycle tests as well as electrical or performance tests within extreme environmental conditions.

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Gage & Measurement Test

Calvary provides a multitude of gage & measurement test systems using

  • LVDT’s
  • load cells
  • torque meters
  • temperature probes and sensors
  •  accelerometers and sound meters

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