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Core Capabilities - Technology

One true measure of an automation company’s capability is the depth, breadth and experience associated with the integration and post-installation support of the industry technologies required to perform customer-specific assembly and test tasks.  Whether commercially purchased, purchased and modified, customer supplied, or custom designed to fit unique assembly and test requirements, Calvary Automation core capabilities are second to none as outlined below.

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Integrated Commercial Equipment 

  • Balancing Equipment
  • Encapsulation Machines
  • Feeding Systems:  Vibratory bowls, Centrifugal, Step, Tray, Tape or Reel, Vision guided
  • Heat Staking Systems
  • Leak Detectors:  Pressure decay, Pressure rise, Mass flow and Mass spectrometry
  • Laser Systems:  Laser Marking, Laser Welding
  • Marking Systems:  Laser, Ink-Jet, Impact
  • Ovens:  Induction, Convection, UV Curing
  • Packaging Systems
  • Screw, Nut and Torque Drivers
  • Soldering Units
  • Web handling
  • Welders:  Resistance, Ultrasonic, CO2, Nd:YAG, and Electron-Beam 

Technology & Core Competencies

  • Clean Room assembly and Inspection

    1,500 Sq. Ft. Cleanroom

    Click Here:  Healthcare-Cleanroom

  • Dispensing: Adhesives, Gaskets, Volumetric Fill, Monomers and Polymers                   
  • Fastening:  Screw Driving, Nut driving, Riveting, Ultra-sonic Welding, Friction Welding
  • Forming and Cutting
  • Explosion Proof Flow Testing
  • Heat stake
  • Heat stamping, Thermal transfer
  • Inspection:   Vision, OCR, Defect analysis, Surface profile, Durometer, Dimension verification, Gloss
  • Label Printing and Application
  • Leak Testing: Pressure decay, Pressure rise, Mass flow and Mass spectrometry
  • Marking:  Laser, Ink-Jet, Impact
  • Piercing
  • Pressing:  Servo, Air/Oil, Hydraulic, Pneumatic with Force, Distance and Signature analysis
  • Printing:  Ink-Jet, Thermal transfer, Pad Printing
  • Soldering
  • Swaging
  • Testing:  Torque, Force, Displacement, Hi-Pot, Electrical Resistance, Flow, Hydraulic, EOL Performance, Characteristics, Response Time, Stroke Travel
  • Welding:  Resistance, Ultrasonic, CO2, Nd:YAG, and Electron-Beam


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