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Core Capabilities - System Styles

(Chassis and Platforms)

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Power-and-Free Conveyor Systems

Powered Conveyor Transfer Systems that asynchronously delivery custom tooled work carriers (pallets) from work cell to work cell. Power-and-Free Systems can be provided as fully automated, semi-automated or lean assembly systems. Bosch, AMC, FlexLink and SKF are typical commercial providers of Power-and-Free Conveyor Systems employed by Calvary Automation.

Cartesian, Gantry, SCARA, & Articulated Robotics

Robotics provide the ultimate in flexible transfer, assembly and packaging of manufactured products, combining coordinated motion and kinematics with vision guidance and conveyor tracking. Epson, Adept, Denso, Fanuc, ABB, Intelligent Actuator represent a just of few of the commercially available robots that have been successfully integrated by Calvary Automation.

Servo, DC & AC Rotary Indexers

Event or time-based rotary transfer systems that synchronously index custom assembly fixtures from work station to work station. Camco, Stelron, Cam Driven Systems (CDS), and Sankyo are primary Calvary providers of indexing equipment.

Synchronous High Speed Intermittent Motion and Cam Driven Machines

Synchronous and typically high speed 
(1 second or less per assembly cycle) assembly platforms with integrated cammed-motion pick-and-place or probe units that achieve precise, coordinated motions, typically from a common drive or drive shaft. Systems can be provided as linear or rotary systems. Once again, Camco, Stelron, Cam Driven Systems (CDS), and Sankyo are primary Calvary providers of synchronous, cam-driven assembly machines.

Continuous Motion Assembly Machines

Single or Serpentine-joined Continuous Motion Assembly Turrets that provide high speed (200 to 600 PPM assembly rates)continuous assembly of round, cylindrical or symmetrical product components. Continuous Motion Chassis’s are a Calvary Automation Standard Chassis Design.

Semi-Automated & Lean Assembly Cells

Free-standing, manually-assisted assembly cells that are ergonomically arranged in a U-shaped work cell to eliminate or minimize station-to-station transfer mechanisms, automatic feeding systems and other non-value added automation equipment. Monolithic or dedicated station controllers can be provided and all assembly and test tasks are 100% error proofed.

Custom, Stand-Alone Assembly & Test Machines

Modular, Stand-alone Assembly Cells that are typically uniquely designed to semi-automatically perform multiple, manually assisted assembly and test tasks. Assembly rates are typically high
(10 to 90 Seconds/Part) and 100% error proofed.



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