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Core Capabilities - Personnel & Resources

Calvary’s engineering team is built on experience and innovation. The Senior Staff and Engineers each have fifteen or more years in the custom automation industry. The company is continually improving the engineering process throughout the Applications, Mechanical Engineering and Controls Engineering teams.  The results are fewer engineering and debug hours and more reliable and reusable designs.

Cataloged Libraries of Calvary Standard design elements are reviewed during the Applications Engineering phase, used continually through the design phase, and updated after the debug phase of each project.   
Calvary’s designs are compliant with applicable codes including UL, NEC, NEMA, ANSI, OSHA, CDRH, FDA, RIA and CE.

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PROJECT MANAGERS:  All Project Managers professionally trained to PMI Standards.

MANAGERS AND ENGINEERS:  Sales organization that is staffed with experienced automation engineers serving as Account Managers and Applications Engineers.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERS:  100% Mechanical Design Engineers are 3D SolidWorks experienced.

DESIGN ENGINEERS:  Internal Die Tooling Design Engineers.

PROGRAMMING ENGINEERS:  Over 30% of Calvary’s Controls & Programming Engineers are Vision Applications experts.

CHIEF ENGINEERS:  Over 30% of Calvary’s ninety-plus direct-hire employees are degreed engineers, seven of whom held Chief Engineer positions prior to joining Calvary.

ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE:  Engineering Experience level averages over fifteen years in the automation industry.

MANAGEMENT STAFF:  Professional Material Management Staff to manage material costs and supplier performance via the CAmmodity Program.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Dedicated Customer Service & Support Department to manage warranty and service work for post acceptance and installed equipment.

TECHNICIANS AND TOOL MAKERS:  100% Mechanical Assembly Technicians all of whom are professionally trained Tool Makers.

ELECTRICIANS AND PLUMBERS:  Direct-employ Electricians and Plumbers perform all machine wiring, plumbing and panel build as an internal function.

Resources: Tools and Software 

3D SOLIDWORKS:  Solid modeling for mechanical design

COSMOS:  Cosmos performs FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for Stress, Strain, Displacement, Thermal, Vibration, and Frequency analysis of Products and SolidWorks Designs

2D CAD:  Mechanical  & Controls design

MANPOWER MASTER SCHEDULE:  Corporate resource tracking of all project-related design and assembly personnel

SYTELINE:  Business System Software for accounting and project tracking

PERFORMANCE TRACKING SOFTWARE:  Statistical machine performance feedback and reporting system

OPEN ISSUES PROGRAM:  Hystoric and dynamic recording and reminders of Project issues status

DEBUG CHECKLIST:  Milestone performance tracking and Accountability of assembly, debug and validation activities

"CAMMODITY" MATERIALS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM:   Formal Cost Reduction and Supplier performance program

COGNEX IN-HOUSE VISION LAB:  Camera’s, Lighting and Software to perform internal analysis of potential Vision Applications with strong consideration for automation peripherals that are not typically assessed or considered by Vision Equipment Manufacturers

CALVARY REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS:  Integration of Hardware and Software Tools that accomodates remote diagnostics, and in some cases, repair of remotely located assembly and test equipment.




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