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Automotive - Products and Technologies

Calvary Automation Systems manufacturers special machines, turnkey automated systems, and specialized fixturing for the below automotive products and technologies.  For more information regarding Calvary Automation Systems - Click Here.

  • A/C Compressor Assemblies
  • Actuator Assemblies: (Steering Column Locking Actuator, CMCV’s, Electronic Control Modules, Flat Pack Actuators, etc.)
  • Air Delivery Systems: (Throttle Bottles, Intake Manifolds, Turbo Chargers, ACV’s, etc.)
  • Automotive Accessories (Lug Nut, Gear Shift Nobs, etc.)
  • Battery & Fuel Cell Assembly
  • Door Locks
  • Emissions Products: (Exhaust Gas Recirculators (EGR), Carbon Canister Assemblies, etc.)
  • Engine Timing Components: (Chain Tensioners, Belt Tensioners, Variable Cam Timing Modules, Gear Sprockets, Crank Sprockets, etc.)
  • Front End Assembly Modules: (Head Lamp and Engine Cooling Package)
  • Fuel Delivery: (Throttle Bottles, Diesel and Gas Injectors, Fuel Rails, Fuel Regulators, Fuel Pump Electronic Control Modules, etc.)
  • HVAC Systems
  • Sensors: (High Pressure Sensors, Digital Cam Sensors, Speed Sensors, Crank Shaft Sensors, Fuel Line Pressure Sensors, Tire Pressure Sensors, Cables Sensors, etc.)
  • Thermal Products: (Radiators, Evaporators, Condensers, Oil Coolers etc.)
  • Valves: (Anti-Lock Brake Valves, 3-Way Hydraulic LOMA Valves, Spool Valves, Compressor Assembly Valves, Fuel Level Limit Valves, Fill Tube Check Valves, etc.)
  • Wiper Motors
  • 7 & 4-Way Electrical Trailer Connectors



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