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Automotive – Achieving Six Sigma

"What happens if...?"

To compete in today’s marketplace, manufacturers must eliminate all possible failures from their products and manufacturing processes. To achieve these results, Calvary Automation conducts a systematic study known as the Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).

This study is applied to any product in the Automotive, Electronic, or Medical Device manufacturing industries and results in the identification and classification of product, process or production failures. Benefits of FMEA include:

  • Identification and elimination of product, process, or production errors
  • Classification of critical or persistent error-types
  • Prioritization of results & expectations for corrective measures
  • Minimized or eliminated "late change" crisis’s

Error Proofing: Murphy's Law:
"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!"

Eliminating assembly, process, or testing errors and mistakes is an absolute must when product reliability and production yields are important to the manufacturing process. Properly applied, error-proofing involves innovative thinking coupled with a solid understanding of:

  • Typical product or equipment failures
  • Advance error warnings and sensory alert techniques and strategies
  • Forced controls
  • Managed shutdowns

Based on the specific program requirements, Calvary Automation applies "Poke-A-Yoke"-like techniques to drive mistake-related defects out of manufacturing, assembly and test processes in the following areas:

  • Incoming product lot & product number validation
  • Model selection and changeover tooling verification
  • Assembly parameters such as: force, distance, pressure, flow, volume, torque values, etc.
  • Component feature recognition & detection
  • Component absence, presence, position, or orientation

Part Validation:
"Can this be right?"

Broadening consumer demands, rising component costs and safety-related liability issues continue to impose the following on the manufacturing industry:

  • Multiple-model product varieties
  • Shortened products life & time-to-market
  • Product validation constraints

In response, fully-automated & lean assembly systems must now process multiple products, each with unique requirements, on the same assembly and test line. Validation of specified product lots and assembly tasks is critical to the prevention of:

  • Rejected assemblies
  • System downtime
  • Shipments of failed or incorrect products

To the pitfalls listed above, the following systematic validation procedures are applied by Calvary Automation:

  • Controlled process monitoring (LVDT’s, load cells, pressure & torque transducers, etc.)
  • Post-assembly inspections (vision, leak tests, electrical characteristics & performance tests, etc.)
  • Scanning of incoming material lots (bar code scanning, 2-D matrix verification, etc.)
  • Model selection verification (vision, optic, displacement, capacitance & proximity sensors, etc.)
  • Component presence & type detection (thru beam sensing, color sensors, etc.)

Zero Defect:
"If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!"

To achieve Zero Defect Product Quality, defects in equipment must be traced to their root causes and permanently eliminated. To expose the root cause, Calvary Automation combines the above mentioned Six Sigma Strategies with Performance Tracking Software that provides assembly and test feedback on a task-by-task basis. Properly applied this feedback loop provides the information necessary for continuous product and process improvement. Performance Tracking Features include:

  • Real Time Diagnostics
  • Overall Throughput & Efficiency Calculations
  • Uptime/Downtime Calculations
  • Fault List
  • Pareto Fault Chart
  • Good Part/Reject Part List

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