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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Calvary Automation

  1. Top Automation Engineering Talent:
    Calvary Automation possesses the top automation engineering talent in the Eastern United States. Seven (7) of our staff engineers have served as Chief engineers for some of the largest automation companies in the Northeast.

  2. Project Management System:
    Calvary’s comprehensive project management system coupled with our detailed method of engineering and estimating, ensures that machines are designed, built, and qualified in a systematic, measurable, repeatable manner, each time, on every project.

  3. On-Time Deliver Record:
    Calvary Automation possesses an excellent “On-Time Delivery” record.  Our people, experience, management methods and tools, and “Power-On” milestone target, have all been instrumental in achieving one of the highest delivery-performance track records in the industry.  We have attained and maintained this notable level of achievement since 2001 which coincides with the implementation of our Project Management System. 

  4. First Run Acceptance Trials:
    Coupling our project management system, Milestone “Power-On” dates and an experienced staff of engineers and tool makers with our Performance Tracking Software has allowed Calvary to highlight this achievement. Performance in this category saves real time (Travel Time and Validation Labor) and real dollars (Travel and Living Expenses, Additional Run Off Parts, and Reduced Labor Expenses).

  5. Free Performance Tracking Software:
    Developed by Calvary Automation to control and report our own internal process capabilities,Calvary Automation transfers this software package “free-of-charge” to our customers. Performance tracking software provides information necessary for continuous improvement and includes a Pareto Fault Chart, Uptime/Downtime and Overall Throughput and Efficiency Calculations, Fault List, Scrap Rates and Good Part/Bad Part Lists. It also doubles as a Real Time, On-Line Diagnostic Tool.

  6. Free Service to Preferred Customers:
    Calvary Automation provides free, periodic service to preferred customers for one year following the annual shipment of systems that exceed $2,000,000. Service can consist of mechanical, electrical or programmatic maintenance, trouble shooting for station or system efficiency improvements, additional training, etc.

  7. Financial Strength and Credit Rating:
    Calvary Automation maintains a good Dun & Bradstreet credit rating of "3A2" and accounts payable average approximately 45 days. Financial strength is an extremely important characteristic as it helps ensure the highest caliber of employee talent as well as on-time delivery of commercially purchased components.

  8. Top 100 Business Recognition:
    Calvary Automaton is recognized as one of the Top 100 Businesses in the Rochester, New York business community in 2003 (#46), 2004 (#39), 2006 (#47), 2008 (#22), 2009 (#33) & 2011 (#30). In fact Calvary Automation was the only Automation System Integrator or Tool and Die-type Company who made the list during 2003 and 2004.

  9. Standard and Modular 3-D Designs:
    2D CAD and SolidWorks 3D software are employed to achieve all mechanical equipment designs. Through the years Calvary Automation has built a considerable design library comprised of modular component designs that are used over and over again. Among the cataloged library’s most commonly deployed design standards are: Aluminum and Steel Machine Bases, 2 and 3-Axis Pick-and-Place Units, Side-Docking Pallet Stops, Tray Feeders, Presses and Controls Enclosures.

  10. Industry-Related Design Experience:
    Since our inception in 1994, Calvary Automation continues primary service to the following Manufacturing Industries: Automotive; Health Care; Medical Devices; Office and Consumer Products; Renewable Energy; Sensors and Semiconductors; Thermal Products, RivetNut Fasteners and Robotic Systems.



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